30 August 2010

End of August Blog Awards 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010
It really made my day to start this week with some lovely blog awards. I think that it is a wonderful gesture that you can give to a special friend or person in this Blogosphere. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

On August 28th, Jingle told me through the comment section of my post "Castle of Love | Thursday Poetry Rally 27" that I had received three awards from the Jingle's Friendship Means A World 2 Me series. Thank you. I would like you to have the Make My Heart Smile award.

Take 3 of your choice and pass them to 1 to 10 friends.

I'm actually not good at picking choices like this, but fortunately I got help when three other wonderful awards arrived. All of them were also received from Jingle by three other friends. So, here they are:

The Butterfly Award
I'm passing it on to my daughter @Amalia's Heart,
ThoughtsNotLost and all my friends
who give me an inspiration to fly.

The Friends are The Best Award
thanks to ThoughtsNotLost
from the same comment section like Jingle

I'm passing it to
Amanda @ Bloggin'withAmanda and Christine @ i brew haiku!
and all of my lovely blogging friends who are standing by me

And last but not least
The Best Weekly Photo Award
thanks to Christine @ i brew haiku!

I'm passing it to all of my blogging friends who love photography
and have uploaded an inspiring photo this week.

I hope all of you know who you are :).
Feel free to pick one of these blog awards.

Keep a song in your heart.

10 appreciated note(s):

Regina said...

Hello Rosidah. How are you my friend.

Have a great new week.

Thoughtsnotlost said...

Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Jingle said...

lovely awards display,
well deserved!

Jingle said...


Happy Monday,
5 awards 4 u, enjoy!

simply open a page titled awards, display them, feel proud...
the first 3 awards are not to be passed on,

Nessa said...

Congratulations on your awards. You do deserve them.

Anonymous said...

Congrats my friend. Well deserved and congrats to those you passed it on to. :)

Amanda Moore said...

Very cool Rosidah!I'll cherish this one!

Maude Lynn said...

Congratulations on all the awards!

Anya said...

Hi Rosidah
Thanks for your concern
its nice to have real friends
in blogging world !!!
I am almost never on facebook
I have not the time at the moment:(

Thansk for all

Unknown said...

Congrates on your awards. Am just back from Beijing . Thanks for commenting on my blog and here's wishes for a fruitful week ahead.