28 August 2010

The Perfect Poet Award 4 Week 27 | Blossom

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Perfect Poem AwardThanks to Jingle.
's my acceptance poem:


Traces of imperfection pierce our way
Set frictions to light day by day
At times hearts freeze, turn motionless
Missing out on little pieces of happiness

Thaw into Gaia, take a closer look around
Colorful rays shimmer to break the bound
Embrace the warmth for a sweet escape
Come into flower to strive a new take


Rules to Accept the Award:

* Put the logo on your blog before or on your next Thursday post.
* Post a poem (or a Haiku) under the logo.
* Tag Jingle to link back to Thursday Poets’ Rally Award Post.
* Nominate One Previous Participants and U R done!

I have read many beautiful and inspiring poems, while joining Jingle's Thursday Poets Rally 27. Each poet that I've visited has given to me a new and unique experience. Many messages came through my display, which made everyone a perfect poet to me... Thank you.

To be truth, I almost never pick one particular person to pass on my awards. Not that I'm not passing them on, but it just feels too difficult for me to pick one single person among so many inspiring people.

Anyway, this time I think that I can make an exception. My friend Amanda at Bloggin' With Amanda had shared the poem Seven with me, before I knew that I was invited to the rally. The poem felt like an beautiful insight. Deathpoet88, the author, just announced a blogging break. By giving a nomination on this award, I hope that there will be a comeback and a chance to see more poems with this inspiring creativity. Have a wonderful week, everyone.

I don't create poetry, I create myself,
for me my poems are a way to me.
~Edith Södergran

Keep a poem in your heart.

6 appreciated note(s):

Nessa said...

Congratulations on winning the award. You deserve it.

Jingle said...

u r so very thoughtful and professional,
perfect poem,
fabulous award acceptance.
Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations my friend. And very well deserved. :) And you passing it on to Amanda makes it that much more special :) Well done. :) xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for winning!

I feel very honored that you nominated me. Thank you very much! I will definitely try my best to come back with something new as soon as I can.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention, your poem is very beautiful. Love the flow of words :)

Jingle said...

checking on the nomination,,,


come join us again if you wish to ...