21 February 2009

Add MyLiveSignature To Post

Saturday, February 21, 2009
I noticed some interesting signatures at several blogs and wanted to try one for myself. So I went to MyLiveSignature and followed their simple steps to create a signature. There is an option to sign up an account or not. But I really don't have to explain anything here, because they made everything so simple. You will get a html code to be placed at your blog, email or site.

I only want to add some notes that I have modified the generated html codes from the signed and unsigned account. I like the benefit of being able to save my created signatures by having an account, but the generated html code from the unsigned account were more suitable for my blog without an image border showing in my post. This is what I did to get rid off the image border in the signed account generated html code (Thanks to SimpleCode for helping me to display these codes).

I exchanged this part at the end of the signed account html code


with this part here at the end of the unsigned account html code

style="border: 0 !important; background: transparent;"

There are various great signature choices at this site. The only drawback I encountered is that the signature seems to occur a little slow on my screen. So, I'm reconsidering a permanent use at the bottom of my posts. For now, just take a look at the example :)!

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storyteller said...

Thanks for this link too. I've created a couple of Live Signatures for myself (since I use different personas on my various blogs). Now I'll go in search of your Today's Flowers ... finally! I do love your collage at the Today's Flowers Hub this week. I've shared flowers on two of my Blogger sites and my Wordpress blog, Happily Retired Gal too this week.
Hugs and blessings,

Inday said...

Dear Rosidah,

You really made my day.

Look what I got here!

Isn't that cool?

Please don't be oblige to post comment to my blog as you have so much to keep up with. I don't mind at all. I already know that you count me a good Friend.

Just continue to keep well especially the kids.

Thanks for everything.


Ebie said...

Hi Rosidah, got this post thru Bonnie Bonsai. I will try it. Thanks for the link. Take care.