18 February 2009

How To Add Headline Animator for Your Blog

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Yesterday, I added a new widget that I have seen at my friend Alana's blog The Women's Blogger Directory, which is a great community to gather women around the globe by presenting their blogs.

The widget from Feedburner is called a Headline Animator, an animated banner that cycles through your feed's five most recent items. You can see one below my profile in the sidebar. For me, the only drawback is that it doesn't display your full titles if you choose a small size option like me. But hey... that way you might learn to think about shorter titles :).

I signed up an account by typing my blog address and clicking next. Feedburner automatically shows a Feed Title and Feed Address. Change or click next 2 times. Choose your Feedburner Stats tracks options and click next. You can click to integrate with Blogger, Typepad, Self-Hosted Wordpress, Wordpress.com and MySpace or for other services click the dashboard menu straight away.

The dashboard contains Analize, Optimize, Publicize, Monetize and Troubleshootize. I guess almost everyone understands that Troubleshootize is the link you refer to if facing some troubles. It gives you "general tips and a couple of quick-fixes to try with any malfunctioning feed".

In this post I'll only write about how to add a headline animator at Publicize, since that's what I've done until now. But, I intend to find out more on these Feedburner features or may be you could inform me about it.

Click Headline Animator in Publicize. Choose a Theme. Change Title, Headline and Dates options as you like. You can refer to the 216 Web Safe RGB Color Chart for color codes of your choice. Click activate at the bottom of the page, if you are done customizing. Page up again to add your headline animator on your blog/site. Choose one of the given services or just gimme the code for other services. If you choose just gimme the code, a pop-up window will appear with your html codes. Be aware that you might have to look for this pop-up window at the bar on the bottom of your displayed windows.

Okay, I think that's it. I hope that I didn't forget anything. Here is how the Headline Animator looks like.

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