20 February 2009

SimpleCode To Enter HTML Code Into Post

Friday, February 20, 2009
Were you ever confused to show a certain html code to someone else in your post?

Well, I was... when I wanted to tell a little about how I added the Table of Contents Feature For My Blog, a creative widget by Beautiful Beta. That's why I was quite happy to find this amazing tool called SimpleCode by Dan Cederholm today. I will go right to an example to make it more simple. You can see here my name Rosidah written in bold, but if you view it in the edit html window it would actually appear like this:

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Rosidah</span>

Normally a new Blogger like me would be very bedazzled trying to show the html code in a post, because the written code keeps on appearing Rosidah. But thanks to SimpleCode the only thing we have to do is type in the html code, press Process and then Cut or Copy n Paste. So simple, indeed :). Thanks, Dan!

2 appreciated note(s):

Alissanos said...

Thanks for the info, have been trying to get that to work on my blog with textareas but it wasn't working for me. A great idea

RA said...

I know it can be quite frustrating to work on this. Dan has really done a great job there, making it way more easy :)!