18 February 2009

The Womens Blogger Directory

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
This directory is for women bloggers, who want a resource to find other women bloggers, for connections, guest posts on their blog, or just to network and make friends (Alana Roberts, Creator)

You may find a lot of interesting blogger communities on the Web, but this particular one here really caught my attention. I found it for the first time on a social discussion board and decided to take a look after reading all those positive comments. It was very interesting to see Alana's designed blog layout as well as to read the member bios and blog descriptions. So, I left a comment and thought about trying to submit my blog once I had worked on my own data. It was Alana's quick and warm response, which encouraged me even more to join this community. They say you might value some things based on the responsible person's personality... It turned out that despite her busy schedule, she managed to link my blog in a short time and was willing to hear my opinions. Thanks, Alana :)!

I definitely will try to spare some of my time to get more involved with Womens Blogger Directory. I was thinking about sharing my favorite blog pick on Music of My Life at least once in a week. Alana has also set up some interesting activities and features to spice up this group, like a New Member Competition or a Womens Blogger Directory Google Group. Read this information here, if you are (a blogging woman and) interested to Submit Your Blog.

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