26 February 2009

Hooked On Blog Carnivals

Thursday, February 26, 2009
This blog carnival here is hosted by Julia at Hooked On Houses. I think its good to share a little passion from your daily life.

I got so hooked on blog carnivals that I didn't have the change to publish this post earlier... but then again it might be proof that this is the right thing to write about :).

Among all blog carnivals, photography is my recent number one. I have been loving photos for almost my entire life, especially nature images. There's something about them that gives me a peaceful mind. I think by getting more involved into photography it will help me to improve my senses.

Why? Well, because then I tend to walk with less ignorance. Looking at the colors of the sky, observing my surroundings, searching for images to fresh the soul... So magnificent! I think it also can broaden your empathy for others. You have to try adding a certain feel into your shots and this can only be achieved with an open mind and great heart.

It's still a new beginning for me, but I definitely love it!

2 appreciated note(s):

Cass @ That Old House said...

I agree! By looking thru the lens of the camera, it is almost as if you are seeing with new eyes. Enjoy your photography!

Anonymous said...

I too love photography and used to stroll along the beaches off season, taking pictures..., I still do, but less often.