16 February 2009

Letting Go of Someone You Love

Monday, February 16, 2009

Where you ever in a situation like this?

Trying to hold on to someone dear to your heart, but becoming more and more drifted apart...

Trying to let go of someone beloved, but you just couldn't help yourself to loosen the grip...

letting go of someone you love
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There are so many reasons why we have to release someone special in life. Someone's moving, lost relationships or even dead...

Letting go of someone you love can become really exhausting and emotional. Your instincts tell you to reach out and hold on with all of your strength whatever it takes. You're not willing to give up and surrender, even though there are chances to get (badly) hurt in the process... Well, let me tell you this.

However daring and difficult it might feel... there is a time when you finally have to grab the best choice, get back on your feet and move on!

I once experienced a lost friendship like this and it felt very frustrating. Back then I tried to prevent someone close to my heart from getting hurt by another person, after discovering some unpleasant facts. But unfortunately, things didn't turn out the way expected... To put a long story short, I had to accept that it was love over facts and friendship. Thinking it all over again, I should have listened to my husband who already reminded me that

Sometimes we might mean good, but not actually do good. We try to "save" someone, but actually "cross the border" in his/her mind. It might be better NOT to "intrude" others privacy, unless they have asked you for it... or... if you really, really have to make a point keep it simple. Don't repeat yourself too much because this could push things over the edge, no matter how critical you think the problem is! Back off... let go... Consider what's best for all without neglecting yourself.

I know this is easier to be said than done. But, hopefully, my post can help you to prevent, dissolve or even end similar situations like this in a more graceful way than I did at that time. I also hope that you might enjoy some of the chosen songs to let go of someone you love. Have faith that in time situations get better. Your heart will move on or there might even be a possibility to reconcile. Whatever is the best, just let it flow wherever it goes. But the first thing for that to happen is that you are letting yourself.

There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept,
things we don't want to know but have to learn,
and people we can't live without but have to let go.

~Author Unknown

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Anonymous said...

Yes I am exhausted. My son died in a car accident in March and I can not let go of the feeling of wanting to be the mom and somehow be able to fix this situation. But letting go of this thought is a hard one to do. Its as if my body knows nothing else. As if I am on a roller coaster of emotions that seems to have no end. Somehow I have to let myself know that its ok . I can release this behavior and not feel I am losing my son in the process, that his memory and love will be with me for always. He was an especially loving son and at least those memories can never be taken from me.

RA said...

Dear Anonymous, I'm wishing you all the strength that you need to release the pain. I also lost my aunt due to a car accident in March. It needs time to face this fact, but I think your comment said it all. Let's make them proud and let them rest in peace by getting a grip on ourselves and live life at the fullest in honor of their memories. I really believe that this is something my aunt and your son would want us to do. Hugs and love from Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

I loved my girlfriend for about a year. She always said she'd never leave me. She meant everything to me an one day I thought I needed time to sort things out in my mind. Within 4 weeks she had a new boyfreind. It really made me feel worthless but I'm beginning to find my way now. It's been about 8 months. :-)

RA said...

Dear Anonymous, I am so happy for you. It is a good step forward. I know that letting go of love is not easy at all. I hope that in time you'll find the kind of love were both of you really will complete each other. Have a wonderful life :)

Anonymous said...

Something similar just happened to me 2 weeks after we broke up i found out she is living with someone else and a week later i found out that the person she is living with is my manager from work and the manager used to be my friend i felt like crap i still do but thinga happen for a reason and i have to accept it