26 February 2009

Blogger Manage Blog Section Update

Thursday, February 26, 2009
Hi all,

here's a quick information about the blogger manage section on your dashboard. My friend Alana from the Womens Blogger Directory just informed me that somehow her follow statuses were changed to anonymous, which means that you get invisible (your Blogger profile icon doesn't show) following someones blog even though you still get this particular blogs updates. I thought you might want to check on it.

Go to Reading List on your dashboard. Look at Blogs I'm Following. Click Manage and check your status behind every blog. You can change it from Public to Anonymous or vice versa.

Everyone has own preferences to follow other blogs. I prefer Public, because I think it gives you more opportunity to learn about one another and get connected.

Happy blogging, but don't forget about your close ones :).

2 appreciated note(s):

candlemamma said...

Thanks for your terrific comments. Yes I have seen and I hope that everything is okay with blogger now. I have no problems with your word verification. So hopefully everything is okay now with all. You are wonderful. Thanks so your help :)

RA said...

Hi Laurie,

thanks for stopping by. I actually saw you entering my 'home' :). I also hope this is just a temporary bug due to some new features. Best wishes!