16 March 2009

The Story Behind The Sisterhood Award

Monday, March 16, 2009
On March 10th I started up my day with a lovely surprise from Candlemamma. She gave me my first award for my first blog, Common Sense Ain't Common,
The Sisterhood Award!
And today I received this same thoughtful award for Music of My Life from Ann-Marie at Heart's Desire Jewelry.
Thank you so much to both of you, I really appreciate this :)
Looking at this award button and name I was reminded of the The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and when I searched the Web I found out that this was indeed the intention of Diana, the creator.
This is a special award that should be given to your best bloggy girlfriend(s). Give them the award to thank them for their special friendship.

Basically, I'm thankful to all of my online friends who inspire me through life and I also appreciate all remarkable commentators on my blogs (Common Sense Ain't Common and Music of My Life). It is one of the things that makes my day. I'M THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL TO ALL OF YOU. Let me quote Kim, the first Sisterhood Award nominee:

On this award I can give it out to as many ladies as I would like... And there are soooo many of you who fall into this category...So if you would like I TAG YOU ALL... Take the award and place it on your sidebar...

My Special Notes Go To
Highly Fragranced Candles with Candlemamma
An inspiring and caring friend who's lifting up my spirits.
She is a devoted candle maker with a great heart.
Ann Marie Hodrick, award winning jewelry designer, who amazes me with her thoughts and passions, especially in the creative process behind handcrafted jewelry designs.
My Life is Not A Textbook
Waileng, my first sister in Bloggyland who stood by me from the start.
Without her (and Alex's) inspiration & support, I would not be blogging like today.
The Womens Blogger Directory
Alana, my dear friend behind the remarkable place where women write & unite.


PS. Would you be so kind to visit the blog links and leave a nice comment? That would be very awesome and highly appreciated. Thanks.

8 appreciated note(s):

Marilyn said...

Rosidah...well deserved...a lovely blog you have!

Big Smiles...


Vicky said...

congratulation! I find your blog nice and friendly.

God bless :)

Huzhar said...

Congratulation on the award. Your blog is outstanding, you deserve it. To answer your question whether it is "belimbing wuluh/sayur", sorry incorrect! It is actually mangoes. I planted the tree few years ago in front of my house.

Anonymous said...

Very well deserved - Congratulations goes out to you! You're always so nice & I appreciate the comments & nice words you've left on my blog, as I'm sure these ladies do too! Awesome!!!

RA said...

Mangoes! I think I have to check my glasses now ;).

RA said...

Thank you for all the lovely comments. It is a great encouragement. Bless you :)

Waileng Tan said...

Thank you Rosidah (^^,)

RA said...

I thank you for inspiring me, Waileng :).