02 March 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday 8: Colorful Slide

Monday, March 02, 2009
Slide at Local Swimming Pool, 28 February 2009

Last Saturday, my 8 year old daughter participated in a student swimming competition. She became lucky number 7 in her category and was very happy about it (last year she didn't make it into the top 10). While waiting for her turn, I had the chance to stroll around the area and found this colorful slide.

What a pity that I forgot to put away my daughter's towel on the left table... but then again it's another splash of yellow :). Happy week everybody!

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10 appreciated note(s):

Nukke said...

Nice yellow design ! Do you like knitting ? Greetings from Finland !

Dee & Dylan said...

Great swimming pool, I bet the kids love it!(Thanks for visiting my site)

Unknown said...

Yay! that yellow slide is beautiful, so unique to say. Thanks for the visit.

candlemamma said...

Congratulations to you and your daughter.
The slide is very colorful. I like that tree in a vase.
You have a great week!

Jama said...

That slide looks interesting!

Carletta said...

Congrats to your daughter!
I love this slide - very artistic in it's shape.
Nice shot - with towel! :)


That is so pretty! And the big palm in the vase - how do they come up with it! And a good shot!
Congrats to your daughter!

Mescrap said...

The yellow slide is so unique !!

Shh....7 is my lucky number.

Anonymous said...

The towel matches! Nice slide-

Dianne said...

Brava to your daughter! and I think the towel is a nice touch, makes it seem more "lived in"

what a pretty place!