18 March 2009

Sepia Scenes 22 & Unique Photo Challenge: Wooden Craft Clock

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Wooden Craft | Rosidah Abidin | Photo MemeWooden Craft Clock Made In Central Java, Indonesia

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This week's Unique's Photo Challenge is wood. So I thought to submit these photos here from my Sepia Scenes 22 post entry. Hope that's okay. Click the link to see more photos on this theme.

The wooden craft clock belongs to my sister. It was given to her by a friend who brought it back from Central Java, Indonesia. I always admire people's talent to create these amazing crafts with their own hands. It takes a lot of effort and patience to work on. I tried to follow the steps in Mary's posted link to add this sepia effect. Thank you for sharing them :).

PS. I already thought that the first photo seemed a little bit more b/w like ewok1993 said in the comment section. The photo in Mary's posted link had definitely a warmer sepia color. I don't know where I went wrong? Maybe someone could tell me. I'm still in the learning process and appreciate any advice. Meanwhile, I decided to upload another photo of the Photoshop-ed photo (Sometimes I really get confused with my words. LOL) tuned with a warmer color temperature from Picasa.

Happy Sepia Scenes, everyone!

Thanks to Mary

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Anonymous said...

looks b/w, but a very nice shot.

Ralph said...

What an awesome clock! Handcrafted goods, made from a fine hardwoos, adds a character to any home, and far more than any mass-produced work would. Nice!

Huzhar said...

The clock looks so wonderful. In Malaysia also, there are many beautiful and quality wood crafts from Indonesia..

Carletta said...

Some people have so much talent when it comes to creating these woodcrafts. You're right - a lot of time and effort but look at the result. This is a beautiful piece!
I think I prefer the second shot best - it's warmer tone appeals to me.

My Sepia post is at Carletta’s Captures.

GalleryJuana said...

I love traditional, cultural Arts. Such a beautiful gift!

I posted my first entry in sepia scenes. Your two pictures give me a good idea on the differences in warmth. I will have to work on getting more of a sepia tone in mine.

Gallery Juana

Vicky said...

very creative piece of art.

hi Rosidah,you can't get rid of me now. I am following you , B1.

RA said...

I love that idea, Vicky. Thank you :)

Jama said...

That's a nice looking clock!

Unknown said...

The second photo friend is more a sepia one. :) Very nice piece of art. Thanks for sharing this one. I enjoy your blog.

Mojo said...

You almost didn't have to tone this one judging from the original, but you did a good job with it! Love the clock itself too. Very different.

maryt/theteach said...

Rosidah, the 2nd sepia shot is PERFECT! Look how great it is! Happy Sepia Scenes!

Kahshe Cottager said...

You captured the sepia very well in the second photo. An interesting clock you have there too!

Dianne said...

the sepia really brings out the wood tones