20 March 2009

SkyWatch Friday 36: Pointing at The Sky

Friday, March 20, 2009
Statue at Dunia Fantasi, Indonesia

This photo belongs to one of our archives from a trip to Dunia Fantasi, Indonesia, on my daughter's school holiday. I know it would be nicer to see the statue in full grace, but school holidays are one of the most crowded seasons at recreation places like this. Believe me, seeing all those people standing there would make you quite dizzy (at least I thought so). We are focusing at the sky here. See he's pointing at it :)

Starting Point to Hearts of Men

the sky is a sacred place
where the mind of god
rests upon that of humanity

it is the place where
good poems are created
line by line, verse by verse

a storm never brews here
because of the sky
but the clouds, winds and sun

to know the workings
of the clouds, winds and sun
is to know the sky of intelligence

the place where every verse
is strewn to the steps of nature,
written to the laws of reason
and the desires of hearts

the sky is a sacred place
the meeting point of god and humanity
the starting point to the hearts of men

John Tiong Chunghoo
(Source: PoemHunter.com)

Enjoy skies and views from around the world

PS. Answering Mojo's question, yes dunia also means world. So, dunia fantasi could be translated into fantasy world.

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Guy D said...

awesome statue and great photo, well done.

Have a great weekend!
Regina In Pictures

Photo Cache said...

that's an imposing statue.

Jim said...


Unknown said...

It's kinda cute that he wants us to look up at the sky! Nice post and very clever for skywatch.

Unknown said...

Interesting statue. Yes, I like the more peacefully rendered ones. Statues become the leaders of the town, or representatives at least ... from their status as permanent fixtures.

Linnea said...

He's very powerful looking. Those are some interesting roof tops beyond too! Thanks for sharing a snippet of your life!

Carletta said...

What a huge statue this appears to be!
I'm like Linnea - I noticed the colorful rooftops too. Their color is very vivid against the blue sky.

Thanks for visiting my front yard via Sky Watch. :)

Jama said...

He's doing the Saturday Night Fever eh? lol
I remembered going there many many years ago, must be the school holidays there too, because it's simply jam-packed with visitors especially kids.

Mojo said...

Very commanding presence there. Fierce!

Just curious, does "dunia" mean the same in your language as "duniya" (world) in Hindi?

Ralph said...

With his finger pointed and arm raised, it looks as if this gentleman id demanding the clouds clear and the blue sky reappear again...

Anonymous said...

That is an impressive statue! The sky is wonderful, but it is probably afraid to be bad with that statue there!

floreta said...

very mythical and powerful statue!

Caprice- said...

I agree with Jama it does look like he's doing a dance. He could be John Travolta- he has the hair. hahaha! Great picture of the statue and sky he's pointing to.
Happy First Day of Spring!


That is a powerful statue! And pointing to the sky is perfect for this meme!

Have a nice weekend!

roentarre said...

The statue looks very artistic in deed! Great art!

RA said...

Yes Mojo, "dunia" means also world in Indonesia :).

Lilli & Nevada said...

That is one fantastic statue thanks for stopping in

Suzanne Casamento said...

Wow. That's a very powerful image. The statue almost seems fierce.

candlemamma said...

Wow Rosidah you have done it again. I love the statue. Very masculine. The poem goes with the picture wonderfully. Keep up the great work and thank you for The very special button you have linked to me. You have a wonderful day as well my friend.